We passionately believe that LIFESAVER has the ability to prevent many tragic events in the future across the globe.
As fire can spread rapidly in confined spaces, we know that it’s not always possible to get to a fire exit or evacuate a building quickly and safely.
This is where LIFESAVER comes into its own. Our wearable fire and smoke hood protects you and your loved ones from the physical effects of a fire:

  • Heat resistant :
    Special Polychloroprene Latex Compound hood offers complete protection for your face and head. It will safeguard you from the soaring temperatures of flames around you.
  • Filtration of toxic particles
    thanks to a high-efficiency cartridge filter and breather valve, this can help you avoid smoke inhalation from between 15/20 minutes or more
  • Protection from smoke inhalation
    thanks to an effective filtering system with enhanced carbon filter element and rubberized neck seal, this design keeps smoke away from your face, eyes, and crucially, your lungs, buying you vital time to escape and avoid being a statistic.
  • Wide view area
    so that you can more clearly see where you are going while avoiding burning or falling objects as you look for a safe way out.
  • Elasticated neck band

    for comfortable and flexible elasticity. This design is suitable for all head and neck sizes and ensures a secure fit for adults and children alike, preventing toxic fumes from creeping in.

Free replacement for any provable deployment of your LIFESAVER*

LIFESAVER lives up to its name. It is purposefully designed to give you, your colleagues or your loved ones the time you need to safely escape from a fire without smoke inhalation or facial skin damage. Its smart filter system allows you to breathe clean air even in the midst of a fire, safeguarding you from one of the deadliest aspects of a blaze; smoke inhalation.

The respiratory function of the filter offers an absolute minimum of 15 minutes or more of smoke and toxic free-breathing, and simple usage instructions enabling you to put your mask on in just a few seconds, the supreme portability of the mask means you can have it close to you wherever you go. The worst effects of smoke inhalation from fire taking as little as 2 to 10 minutes to occur.

LIFESAVER ensures you don’t lose consciousness before you’re safely evacuated from the building.